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Healthy, even, white teeth help us with more confident communication and make our appearance. That’s why most of us crave for such nice teeth. But do you know how to realize that desire? Choice of right toothpaste and a good grip of how to use it are critical contributors to bettering your teeth and brightening your smile. You know, life is too short, just smile while you still have teeth. And show a killer smile with your pearly whites.

Using Toothpaste the Wrong Way Will Make It Lose Work

Toothpaste plays a crucial role in cleaning and keeping your teeth white. Yet, there are some flubs that lots of you make brushing your teeth, which results in the toothpaste losing its work, even being counterproductive and damaging your teeth consequently! Let’s see 4 common mistakes that you make when brushing teeth.

Lining an inappropriate amount of the toothbrush

Applying too much toothpaste each time you brush your teeth will make zinc compounds attack the nervous system. That’s why it is recommended by toothpaste manufacturers that you brush with just a pea-size squirt of toothpaste.

Too high concentration of fluoride

There are many reasons for tooth abrasion. Using toothpaste with the fluoride concentration of 1,500 ppm and up is one of the causes. Then without the dentist direction, just use the toothpaste with the concentration of fluoride lower than 1,500 ppm.

Wetting the toothpaste before teeth brushing

This way fails to make the toothpaste foam created more; instead, reduce the cleansing effect of toothpastes. So ensure your toothbrush is dry and clean before pumping a pea-size drop of toothpaste in the tube.

Rinse your mouth out after teeth brushing

It’s good to do things with best care. Still, this doesn’t apply to this case. Rinse your mouth too thoroughly after brushing teeth will clean away all the toothpaste, and no protective effect on your teeth is seen for that reason. Dentist Dr. Phil Stemmer from the Fresh Breath Centre in London said that mouth washing took away the protective fluoride coating left by the toothpaste, which would otherwise add protection hours. Thus, just take 10 seconds to get clean water rinse.

This is quite strange though, it’s a rather common tip from dentists. As per an article from The Guardian, this isn’t a good idea for kids who have not got their adult teeth yet. Adults, nevertheless, will do fine with some leftover – of course, no mouth full of toothpaste.

How to Choose Your Best Toothpaste

Amid various and numerous toothpastes available on the market those days, how can you find the one that is really best for you? Consider those 8 helpful tips to choose the proper toothpaste, which will help out a lot with your choice.

Fluoride is deemed important by lots of dentists

It could be seen that all the toothpastes on the American market contain fluoride. As per the American Dental Association’s website, brushing teeth twice a day with the fluoride toothpaste is an essential of oral hygiene as well as health, because of the cavity fighting ability proven for fluoride toothpaste. There are available different fluoride formulations, all of which seem similar in cavity fighting and safety.

Yet, lots of natural toothpaste formulations don’t include fluoride, as cited in studies in Better Nutrition and the American Journal of Pediatrics, which appear to show fluoride associated problems. The American Dental Association’s website notes that fluoride mouthwash isn’t recommended for kids under six, though this site keeps recommending fluoride toothpaste.

Consult your dentist on any particular dental problems that you may experience.

Heed any suggestions from your dentist pertaining to toothpaste category like desensitizing, whitening, relying on your needs; toothpaste types to avoid; etc.

If you have sensitive teeth, avoid the whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpastes include ingredients that hold a power to lighten your smile. They are generally safe and sound. Still, those chemicals may irritate sensitive mouths or worsen your symptoms. Consult your dentist about whitening alternatives gentle enough for your teeth.

Carefully read the label

Don’t overlook what is indicated on the toothpaste label. Read it carefully. Some toothpastes are advisable for use only by adults and older kids. Others are recommended for consulting a dentist before using longer than a specified period. Make sure to read and follow any instructions on the label.
Also, you should look at the ingredient list. There contain sweeteners, flavoring, and other chemicals in most toothpaste. Don’t forget that the longer the list of ingredients is, the more chances that you will be sensitive to a specific ingredient. So be sure you understand what ingredients included are.

Baking soda toothpaste is just gentle and effective.

As per, baking soda has a lower abrasion than many of cleaning agents found in other toothpastes.

Look for ADA approval

Many toothpaste types come with the ADA acceptance seal. Those with this seal are seen a guarantee to address stringent requirements by the American Dental Association. However, involvement in the program is voluntary, and lots of good toothpaste brands don’t carry that seal. Thus, you shouldn’t consider the ADA seal your one and only criterion for selecting toothpaste.

Not every toothpaste is proper for every person.
Each person has his/ her own body chemistry. You may have sensitivity with certain ingredient in a particular toothpaste. If you experience the symptoms, try changing other toothpaste brands or types. Of course, if you get allergic or suffer continuing symptoms, you should seek for medical assistance shortly.
Avoid heavily sweetened toothpastes.

Excessive sugar can have something to do with tooth decay and other health problems. Some sugar may be acceptable though, it’s a nice idea to try to avoid extremely sweet toothpaste. Otherwise, consider the toothpaste that is sweetened artificially. Many toothpastes for children are really high in sugar, then make sure to look at their labels.

Top 4 Best Reviewed Toothpastes and Great Discounts

What’s today’s best toothpaste? According to the ConsumerSearch’s toothpaste analysis from reliable tests, consumer reviews as well as dentist recommendations, 4 best toothpastes are Colgate Total, Ultra brite Advanced Whitening, Toms of Maine Natural Anticavity Baking Soda Fluoride Toothpaste, Peppermint, and Sensodyne Pronamel. Let’s see why they are that well loved and be updated about discount information to inexpensively grab one. They are one of a kind, indeed.

Colgate Total

As per ConsumerSearch analysis, Conlgate Total is the best toothpaste overall. Experts suggest using this item more often than other toothpastes. It’s approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) and includes both fluoride and triclosan – a broad-spectrum antibiotic – for killing bacteria that are the culprit of cavities as well as gum disease. A copolymer enables the triclosan – an antibacterial and antifungal agent – to remain active between brushings, even after you eat or drink. Colgate Total is not advised for children under 6 because its antibacterial characteristics have not been tested for young children. Its abrasive properties are moderate, and it contains sodium lauryl sulfate, which could sometimes cause irritation if you have sensitive teeth. For those prone to canker sores or with sensitive teeth, reviewers suggest Sensodyne Pronamel (4 oz.) containing fluoride but not sodium lauryl sulfat.

On a whole, pros and cons of Congate Total can be seen as:


+ Protects 12 hours and more

+ Contains fluoride

+ Approved by ADA


+ May be too abrasive

+ Contains sodium lauryl sulfate and saccharin

+ Taste gathers mixed reviews

+ Contains triclosan


Weighing their pros and cons, have you choosen to buy it? If yes, it’s time to snatch one. You now can get great deals for Colgate Total with Drugstore coupons. The best-selling Colgate Total Plus Whitening Toothpaste, Twin Pack  6 oz is dedicated to preventing cavities, gingivitis, plaque, lasting your fresh breath, and fighting tartar buidup. Its original price is $6.99, but now is cut down to $6.19. That means you can save 11% on it!



Besides, Colgate Total Anticavity Fluoride and  Antigingivitis Toothpaste, Clean Mint 7.8 oz is a good choice if you want a toothpaste that helps prevent cavities, plaque buildup, gingivitis, reduce gum bleeding, strengthens enamel, cleans teeth, combats tartar buildup, and fights bad breath. Its price at is $4.59 ($0.59/ oz).



Ultra Brite Advanced Whitening
Ultra brite Advanced Whitening is reviewed as the best stain removal. The ConsumerSearch found the best reviews of this item regarding its stain removal at Consumer Reports. More a dozen consumers provide subjective yet detailed reviews at Some toothpaste reviews by dentists discuss related factors.

Ultra Brite Advanced Whitening toothpaste – a budget brand made by Colgate – is highly rated for its low price and powerful stain removal. Though this item doesn’t carry the ADA seal, it sure contains fluoride and a tartar control ingredient. Yet, some dentists warn that such abrasive toothpastes as this one can erode tooth enamel, and tartar control toothpastes can have the side effect of irritating gums and causing sensitive teeth. Unless stain removal is a priority, reviews recommend Colgate Total (7.8 oz.), which includes an antibiotic and protects teeth and gums as well between meals.

This product comes at an inexpensive price of $2.29 ($0.38/ oz) at
Tom’s of Maine Cavity Protection with Baking Soda Natural Fluoride Toothpaste, Peppermint



This toothpaste is widely recognized as a natural toothpaste. The CustomerSearch found the best reviews for it at, where 50 more users grade it and leave comments. Users also review this item at and, and the baking soda ingredient gains a useful critique from All the ingredients get a comprehensive critique at the Cosmetics Database delivered by the Environmental Working Group, but some of their criticisms fail to take quantities into consideration.

Tom’s of Maine Cavity Protection with Baking Soda Natural Fluoride Toothpaste, Peppermint is the only ‘natural’ toothpaste brand approved by the ADA. This toothpaste avoids the traditional saccharin and favors xylitol sweetener, the natural sugar proven to fight over dangerous bacteria instead of feeding them. The opinions vary on taste. Some reviewers prefer it, saying its sweet level is ok while others say the baking soda makes this toothpaste taste bad. The calcium carbonite in Tom’s of Maine toothpaste has lower abrasion properties than the hydrated silica in many of its rivals, but it fails to remove stains as well. Since this toothpaste contains sodium lauryl sulfate, reviewers suggest a fluoride toothpaste without SLS like Sensodyne Pronamel (4 oz.) if you are prone to canker sores or any other mouth irritations.
To add it up, pros and cons of this natural toothpaste can be listed as:


+ Approved by ADA

+ Includes fluoride and xylitol

+ None of artificial sugar

+ Low abrasiveness


+ Stain removal ability weaker than others

+ Contains sodium lauryl sulfate

+ Opposite reviews about taste

If you want something natural to clean and protect your teeth and don’t prioritize stain removal, this toothpaste is a good option. It is originally priced $4.99, but now you can save 14% on it with the coupon for Drugstore. Just need invest a small amount of $4.29, you can bring home a natural toothpaste of big love!

Sensodyne Pronamel



Sensodyne Pronamel 4 oz is top rated as toothpaste for sensitive teeth and mouths. The CustumerSearch find the most trusted recommendations of this item in the toothpaste reviews by dentists. Those reviews are authoritatively based on their professional education as well as experience. For more detail, user’s reviews and ratings on Sensodyne Pronamel, based on their own experiences are also found. You can find helpful comments at, and

The reviews suggest the Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste for those prone to canker sores and people with sensitive teeth or gums. This pretty expensive toothpaste isn’t approved by ADA, but its ingredients do include fluoride and potassium nitrate to help relieve the sensitive teeth – though according to dentists, this effect may take some weeks to become noticeable. Sensodyne Pronamel also contains ingredients for hardening enamel and protecting it from being worn down as a consequence of acidic food as well as drink. This toothpaste is free of sodium lauryl sulfate, which as said by dentists, can irritates gums and mouth. For most patients, yet, dentists advise the longer-lasting protection given by Colgate Total (7.8 oz.), which costs less also.

Generally, this product’s pros and cons can be summarized as:


+ Good for sensitive teeth and mouths

+ No sodium lauryl sulfate

+ Low abrasiveness


+ Contains saccharin and sorbitol

+ Reviews differ on taste and texture

+ May irritate gums

The good news is that this toothpaste for sensitive teeth and mouths are readily available at and now comes with a good price reduction. Just with the Drugstore coupon, you can save 10% on it. It originally costs $6.19, and currently is discounted to $5.57.

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