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Sometimes you might have problems standing or walking due to some injuries or a long term health conditions. Most doctors will recommend a cane or crutches as your mobility assistance that will aid in your mobility or to stand upright. You can check out different designs and buy at low-priced prices with Drugstore free shipping promo code.

Hugo adjustable offset cane

Hugo adjustable offset cane

The Hugo adjustable offset cane has an ultra stable tip and everything that you need when it comes to canes. The cane height is adjustable so it can easily accommodate most people with the height of between 5 to 6.5 inches. This cane is very versatile, durable and most of all stylish. It has a unique quad design to make it re-center itself to give you maximum stability and stand independence that you deserve.

The cane has a push button to enable it to provide about 12 precision heights and supporting weight of up to 300 lbs. It has an ergonomic and shock absorbing design with a cushion on the top of the cane handle for extra comfort. The reflective straps help you in your night time safety. Being made of heavy gauge aluminum materials to have been anodized you can buy the Hugo cane at on sale prices with Drugstore free shipping no minimum.


The Medline quick fit crutches are the perfect assistance for someone who needs to stand upright after an accident. The crutches are latex free and have a patented quick grip adjustment that you can adjust to your comfort and liking. It can easily assist someone who is of 300lbs weight capacity.

In addition, they have lifetime warranty to give you the value for your cash forever.  You can easily adjust the weight of the crutch to fit your desired height. Medline quick fit crutches are obtainable at cut-rate prices with Drugstore free shipping promo code.

Choose from several designs of canes and crutches and let them give you the assistance you need with Drugstore coupons free shipping.


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