Not only do acnes cause pain and irritation but they also have an adverse effect on beauty of the skin. Being human, anyone wants to be more and more beautiful in front of everyone. Therefore, you may be ashamed of going out with acnes and pimple on your skin. Don’t worry! This article will show necessary steps to treat and improve your acne skin with products from

Acnes treatment contains four steps:

  • Step 1: Examining skin type

Typically, people usually do not care about their skin type before selecting acnes cleanser. It is one of main reasons for ineffective acnes treatment.  You should examine your skin type before buying eligible acnes cleanser.

There are five basic skin types which are normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin.

–                Normal skin is smooth and balanced moisture skin. Therefore, this skin is neither greasy nor dry.

–                Dry skin has a dry parched appearance and it flakes away easily.

–                Oily skin has greasy whose level is from slight to moderate. The over secretion of oil on skin surface causes oily Coupon Code

–                Combination skin contains both oily skin and dry one. T-zone (consisting of the forehead, nose and chin) is oily skin and the rest is dry skin.

–                Sensitive skin is a skin type that is sensitive to changes in the climate or other effects of environment such as bleaching, waxing, threading, temperature extremes, soap, perfumes.

Step 2: Cleaning skin

After examining your skin type, you should select the proper treatment for your skin.

 Based on your skin type, you choose eligible product base. For example, if you have an oily skin, you should use Alcohol solutions. Alcohol solutions have low moisturizing, large coverage and high irritating level that are suitable for oily skin with greasy. However, this cleanser contains alcohol that can evaporate quickly. Therefore, you should reserve it carefully.

The following table shows proper cleansers with their features such as their moisture, coverage level and irritating level (the cleaned feature level) and remarks (particular advantages and disadvantages of each cleanser).

Product base Best for skin Moisturizing Coverage Irritating Remarks
Alcohol solutions Oily Low Large High Quick evaporation
Aqueous solutions Normal to dry High Large Low Water based and alcohol-free
Creams Normal to oily Moderate middle Moderate Less greasy, quick absorbing
Foams Normal to oily Low Large Moderate Expensive
Gels Normal to dry Low Small Moderate Improving the moisturizing effects (with the gel contains glycerin and dimethicone)
Lotions any high large moderate Drying effects possible (with lotions contain propylene glycol)
Ointments Normal to dry Moderate Small Low Greasy

There are various kinds of acnes cleansers at from creams, gels to foams, lotions. Coupons

  • Step 3: Keeping skin clear

To avoid dry skin owing to strong cleaned characteristic of cleansers, you should use an oil-free lotion such as acnes control drying lotion at to enhance  skin moisture. Coupons 2

  • Step 4: Taking medication

After three above steps, your skin is clean and clear but acne bacteria may still exist. Therefore, an important step is acnes treatment by medication that includes medicine or chemicals (containing benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, retin-A, accutane) to detect acnes bacteria, swelling and irritation. You can choose many types of medication such as gel or medicine. Coupons Code

As you see, the price of products is competitive to help you save your money. Further, coupon code are issued to maximize your saving as much as possible. Coupons from are varied in promotion, for instance, $5 off for $30 order and $10 off for $50 order. Coupons 7

Now, you have already had the acnes treatment. You will own fresh and smooth skin without acnes soon if you follow above steps. Good luck in your beauty enhancement!

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